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Frontier Goes to the Movies

As part of this weeks feature films that make you want to travel, we look at some of the classics shot in locations that you can visit on a Frontier project.

‘The Blue Lagoon’ and ‘Return to the Blue Lagoon’ - Fiji

Set on the “fertile isle” of Fiji, this 1980 classic (sequel 1991) sees two young children cast adrift from a burning ship. Stranded on this isolated paradise, the young couple grow-up sustaining themselves on the resources around the island. As they reach adulthood, the pair embark on a passionate love affair, discovering one-another’s awakened passions and desires. However, this fairytale doesn’t last long as the mysteries of the island begin to uncover themselves. With a high cheese value, this film may induce some serious cringing, but it’s a gem all the same.

‘Hatari’ - Tanzania

Hatari means John Wayne; Hatari means Romance; Hatari means Fun; Hatari means Excitement; Hatari means Thrills. In fact, Hatari would appear to mean animal cruelty. Despite some very questionable treatment of many of Africa’s most iconic species, this film contains some amazing film sequences. On a mission to catch and sell African wildlife to zoos, will the arrival of an alluring young female wildlife photographer change their ways?

‘1492: Conquest of Paradise’ – Costa Rica

This Ridley Scott film tells the story of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the Americas. Since Jurassic Park was not in fact filmed in Costa Rica, we had to choose between this and Spy Kids 2. Apparently recounting the true events of Columbus’ journey of discovery, it reveals the drastic consequences faced by the indigenous people.

‘Lord Jim’ - Cambodia

An adaptation of the Jospeh Conrad novel by the same name, this film follows Lord Jim (played by Peter O’Toole) as a disgraced former executive naval officer, battling to redeem himself. Filming took place at Angkor Wat, amongst other locations in Cambodia. However, O’Toole clearly didn’t enjoy his time there, stating: “The three months we spent in Cambodia were dreadful. Sheer hell. A nightmare. There we were, all of us, knee deep in lizards and all kinds of horrible insects. And everyone hating us. Awful”

‘Madagascar’ - Madagascar

Filmed on location in Madagascar (as well as New York) this stunning film captures extraordinary footage of various talking animals hatching a plan to escape there captive home in New York Central Zoo and flee to Madagascar…remarkable.

By Alex Prior

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